These spreadsheets are compiled in good faith with the assistance of the clubs and are to the best of our knowledge.  

If you have any information to supplement or update what is shown please contact the office by phone or email and let us know.


Details of all Premierships and Best and Fairest here

Details of all Ladders available here

Newspaper Articles

In the attached link and its subdirectories there are all the newspaper articles that have been saved by administrators of HAW over time and have now been scanned to an electronically searchable format, some going back to 1960.

Big thank you to The Border Mail who are responsible for 99.9% of these articles.  We are lucky that they have done such a great job of covering our sport of hockey over the years.

The articles are named according to their date – 19980508 is the 8th of May 1998 with the trailling number indicating how many articles on that date.  In some cases we have a copy of the media release but not the actual article in the paper – so these are included in lieu.

Any article that has a date of 1 January, we do not know the exact date but are fairly certain of the year.

If you see anything that is incorrectly dated or the scan has not captured the whole article, please let us know so it can be fixed.

If you have any articles at home that are not in these archives, we would appreciate a copy.

Click on email (email) and let us know.


Scanned Articles here


Life Members

Life Member Year Conferred
May Culph - deceased 1967
Flo Joynson - deceased 1967
Joan Barnes 1967
Jim Haynes - deceased 1977
Jim Williams 1977
Judy Crichton 1980
Kevin Burns 1996
Gay Harvey 1998
Jenny Latta 1999
Eric Allerdice 1999
Dennis Martin 1999
Bill Russell 2004
Wayne Shepherd 2004
David Allen 2007
Joanne Duffy 2007
Bert Eastoe 2009
Edwin Burkitt 2009
Ross Maggs 2013


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