Womens Masters

Womens Masters are played on a Monday night in line with the rest of the competitions.

Members from most clubs participate in the Womens Masters.  They are:

* Falcons
* Magpies
* Norths
* United
* Wangaratta
* Wodonga
* Wombats

If you wish to play you can either contact those clubs directly or contact one of the Womens Masters Coordinator,

* Joanne Duffy via email or call her on 0438 580 438
* Marg Brown via email or call her on 0423 779 956

2024 Womens Masters minutes

2024 Womens Masters Rules

2024 Masters handbook

Mens Masters

Mens Masters compete at a variety of State Carnivals & Championships.  

Further infomation re Mens Masters to be added, but in the meantime, email the HAW office, or call on 02 60413417


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