These list is compiled in good faith with the assistance of the clubs and is to the best of our knowledge.  Only names which meet the criteria as per our policy (here) are listed.


If there are names missing please advise the Operations manager by email

Jocelyn Bartram Hockeyroos
Hamish Morrison U13 boys
Tess Palubiski U18 girls
Tess Palubiski U21 girls
NSW State
ACT State
Emma Ronnfeldt U18 girls
Georgia Martin (shadow) U18 girls
Alexis Bailey U15 girls
Jocelyn Bartram Hockeyroos
Jeremy Maggs Masters men - Over 35
Dennis Martin Masters men - Over 65
Nan Latta Masters women - Over 45
Ange McDonald Masters women - Over 50
Brett Pontt Masters men - Over 45 (shadow)
Sherren Rahaley Masters women - Over 40 (shadow)
Samantha Daly Australian Country Women
Samantha Campbell Australian Country Women
Jackleene MacArthur Australian Country Women
Riley Sutherland U21 women Indoor



Ellie Jarratt U15 girls
Oscar Smart U18 men
Hamish Morrison U13 boys
Eliza Grey U13 girls
Jeremy Payne Vic Country
Sam Quick Vic Country
Brenton Newnham Vic Country
Sam Daly Vic Country
Sam Campbell Vic Country
Chloe Jones Vic Country
Jackleene Macarthur Vic Country
Tony Donnolley Masters men - Over 35
Brett Pontt Masters men - Over 45
Dennis Martin Masters men - Over 65
Jeremy Maggs Masters men - Over 35
Matt Bardy Masters men - Over 40
Ivo Mol Masters men - Over 50
Mark Hulme Masters men - Over 60
Sherren Rahaley Masters women - Over 40
Nan Latta Masters women - Over 45
Ange McDonald Masters women - Over 45
Sharon Kidd Masters women - Over 35
Lesley Forman Masters women - Over 50
Katy Smithwick Masters women - Over 40
Ben Hooppell Hockey One


NSW State

ACT State
Brayden Mulrooney U15 boys
Campbell Cull U15 boys
Hayley Hutchinson U18 women
Summer Sutherland U18 women - train on
Shaun Flanagan U18 men
Noah Erdeljac U21 men
Oscar Smart U21 men
Jeremy Payne U21 men Coach
Grace Ronnfeldt U21 women
Macey Sutherland U21 women
Donna Sutherland U21 women Manager
James Jewell Hockey One
Jocelyn Bartram Hockeyroos
Dennis Martin Over 65
Nan Latta  Over 40
Ange McDonald Over 45
Brenton Newnham Aust Country
Sam Daly (capt) Aust Countyr
Fraser Cullen Aust Country U21
Jessie Nixon Aust Country U21
Bella Heagney U13 girls
Georgia Martin U13 girls
Cody Smart U13 girls
Ellie Jarratt U13 girls
Eryn Norie U18 women
Oscar Smart U18 men
Tess Palubiski U15 girls blue
Tas Kearney U15 boys white
Ryan Heagney U15 boys white
Aaron Sonter U15 boys white
Georgia McCormick Vic Country
Sam Daly Vic Country
Sam Campbell Vic Country
Jessie Nixon  Vic Country
Eloise McCormick Vic Country
Eryn Norie Vic Country
Tash McCormick Vic Country Manager
Hugh Cullen Vic Country
Charley Wallace Vic Country
Jeremy Payne Vic Country
Leigh Foulston Vic Country
Tony Donnolley Vic Mens Masters 35s
James Nelson Vic Mens Masters 35s
Josh Pritchard Vic Mens Masters 35s
Matt Bardy Vic Mens Masters 40s
Brett Pontt Vic Mens Masters 45s
Lyndon Robertson Vic Mens Masters 50s
Ivo Mol Vic Mens Masters 55s
Mark Hulme Vic Mens Masters 60s
Dennis Martin Vic Mens Masters 65s
Kay Drummond Vic Womens Masters 55s
Lesley Forman Vic Womens Masters 55s
Deb Birrell Vic Womens Masters 60s
Yvonne Wolfe Vic Womens Masters 65s

NSW State

ACT State
Macey Sutherland U18 women
Summer Sutherland U18 women
Logan Wilford U18 men - train on
Grace Ronnfeldt U21 women
Hayden (Billy) Anderson ACT Mens Masters 40s
Jocelyn Bartram Hockeyroos
Nan Latta Australian Masters Women
Ange McDonald Australian Masters Women
Sam Daly Australian Country Women
Brenton Newnham Australian Country Men
Jessie Nixon Australian Country U21 Women
Fraser Cullen Australian Country U21 Men

Jeremy Payne ACT Lakers

Victorian State
Luke Norie Vic U13 Boys Blue
Rosie Blain Vic U13 Girls White
Bella Heagney Vic U13 Girls White
Ellie Jarratt Vic U13 Girls White
Eden Davis Vic U15 Boys Blue
Eryn Norie Vic U18 girls - train on
Selected for NT
Oscar Smart Vic U18 boys - train on
Georgia McCormick Vic Country
Sam Daly Vic Country
Jessie Nixon Vic Country
Fraser Cullen Vic Country
Brenton Newnham Vic Country
Andrew Nixon Vic Country
Nathaniel Conlan Vic Country - emergency
Nan Latta Vic Masters women
Sherren Rahaley Vic Masters women
Ange McDonald Vic Masters women
Kay Drummond Vic Masters women
Leslie Forman Vic Masters women
Katy Smithwick Vic Masters women
Matthew Bardy Vic Masters men
James Nelson Vic Masters men
Brett Pontt Vic Masters men
Ivo Mol Vic Masters men
Dennis Martin Vic Masters men
Laddy Bardy Vic Masters men
John Dommett Vic Masters men
Bert Eastoe Vic Masters men

NSW State
Dylan Martin NSW U21 men

ACT State
Emma Ronnfeldt ACT U15 girls
Grace Ronnfeldt ACT U18 girls
Macey Sutherland ACT U18 girls
Summer Sutherland ACT U18 girls
Shaun Moore ACT U18 boys
Lachlan Kendall ACT U18 boys
Zac Gregory ACT U18 boys - train on
Jade Mann ACT U21 women
Tom Jewell ACT U21 men - train on
Billy Anderson ACT Masters men

Nanette Latta Australia Over 40’s
Jocelyn Bartram Debut Hockeyroos
Fraser Cullen Australian Country U21
Sam Daly Australian Country
Sam Campbell Australian Country
Brian Wild Australian Country U21 Mngr

Victorian State
Ella Therkildsen Victorian U13 Girls
Tess Palubiski Victorian U13 Girls
Ryan Heagney Victorian U13 Boys
Tasman Kearney Victorian U13 Boys
Eden Davis Victorian U15 Boys
Oscar Smart Victorian U15 Boys
Eryn Norie Victorian U18 Women
Will Karaffa Victorian U18 Mens
Andrew Nixon Victorian U18 Mens
Curtis Stephens Victorian U18 Mens
Ben Hooppell Victorian Vikings
Nathanial Conlan Victorian Country Men
Fraser Cullen Victorian Country Men
Brenton Newnham Victorian Country Men
Jeremy Payne Victorian Country Men
Dom Wild Victorian Country Men
Georgia McCormick Victorian Country Women
Laura Errey Victorian Country Women
Sam Daly Victorian Country Women
Sam Campbell Victorian Country Women
Brett Pontt Victorian Masters Men
Ivo Mol Victorian Masters Men
Glen Erskine Victorian Masters Men
Mark Hulme Victorian Masters Men
Dennis Martin Victorian Masters Men
Laddie Bardy Victorian Masters Men
Nanette Latta Victorian Masters Women
Ange McDonald Victorian Masters Women
Kay Drummond Victorian Masters Women
Leslie Forman Victorian Masters Women
Jane Verbunt Victorian Masters Women
Deb Birrell Victorian Masters Women
Marg Brown Victorian Masters Women
Yvonne Wolfe Victorian Masters Women

NSW State
Dylan Martin NSW U18 Men

ACT State
Andrew Monte ACT Lakers - captain
Emma Ronnfeldt ACT U15 Girls
Summer Sutherland ACT U15 Girls
Grace Ronnfeldt ACT U18 Women
Ash Gould ACT U18 Women
Matt Mills ACT U18 Men
Shaun Moore ACT U18 Men
Hayden (Billy) Anderson ACT Masters Men 40s