Events dates are as follows:

Junior Country Championships – Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th of May, 2018

Junior State Championships – Tuesday 3rd to Friday 6th of July, 2018

U18 Mens Team, Game at 9:00am, Wagga Paul Field
(Training Thursday 1 June 6:00pm AHC1)

Bailey Boyle - United
Erdeljac, Noah – Magpies
Erskine, Hudson – Wodonga
Hamilton, Brodie – Falcons
Lade, Ryan – Magpies
Lavis, Josh – Magpies
Lowe Brandon – Wombats
McMullen, Oscar – Magpies
Nixon, Andrew – Wombats
Paterson, Joel - Falcons
Stephens, Curtis – Wombats
Walker, Ryley – Magpies
Wright, Dion – United

U13's to be played at Essendon

U15's to be played at Footscray

U17's to be played at SNHC

U13 Girls 

U15 Girls 

U17 Girls 

Rosie Blain

Seana Blain

Eliza Brown

Harriet Case

Lillian Eggleton

Bella Heagney 

Ellie Jarratt 

Ruby Kane

Lucy Mack

Georgia Martin

Mikayla McMillan

Georgia Potter

Cody Smart

Faith Wolter

Lysje Boyd

Amber Evans

Laura Fellows

Eliza Gray

Hayley Hart

Casey Hartley

Hayley Hutchinson

Audrey Nakagawa

Tess Palubiski

Emma Pontt

Lily Robertson

Ella Therkilsen

Jolie Wheeler

Ulrika Wild

Mackayla Ball

Pip Bowler 

Marcie Gray 

Emma Hooppell

Natasha Keen-Smith 

Georgia Knight

Nikita Nelson

Tahlia Nicol

Eryn Norie

Macey Sutherland

Summer Sutherland

Simone Walker

Bella Willinck

Leah Wolter




U13 Boys 

U15 Boys

U17 Boys

Campbell Cull

Bailey Drummond

Dylan Drummond

Rupert Gaukroger

Liam Hill

Nicholas Kilby

Jett Lavis

Brayden Mulrooney

Luke Norie

Oliver Rennie

Spencer Robertson

Ethan Semple

Matthew Steele

Connor Vermolen

Patrick Blain

Shaun Flanagan

Aaron Gregory

Ryen Heagney 

Corey Johnson

Aidan Kane

Tasman Kearney

Brandon Kellam

Josh Lavis

William Morrison

William Seymour

Aaron Sonter

Harrison Trenery

Noah Erdeljac

Hudson Erskine

Aaron Green

Ryan Lade

Brandon Lowe

Oscar McMullen

Kauri Rouch

Kane Russell

Oscar Smart

Ryley Walker

Logan Wilford

Dion Wright


NOMINATIONS OPEN NOW for 2017 HAW Junior Representative Hockey Trials

Who:  Anyone interested in playing in the Junior Country Championships in 2017 (you must play to be eligible for selection for Junior State Championships and State Selection).  We will be picking squads of 30-35 players for boys and girls u13’s, and squads of 20–25 players for boys and girls u15’s and u17’s.  Teams will be selected after 4 weeks training.

How:  Pick up a nomination form from the notice board at the ground or online.  Fill in the form and put in the results box near the canteen or scan and send to  Nominations close 14 September 2016.  

Trials: will take place will take place on Sunday 18 September between 8.00am and 12.00pm at Albury grounds. Any exemption details to be emailed to

Commitment:  Players will be responsible for their own training over the summer with an individual fitness and skills program provided with the expectation that when training starts you will meet the set benchmark and be ready to learn game craft over the six team training sessions.

Cost:  Approximate cost to play in the JCC (Melb 2 days) is $180 plus uniform. Travel and accommodation own expense.

Approximate cost to play in the JSC (Melb 4 days) $240 plus uniform.  Travel and accommodation at own expense

Training:  Squad training starts the week of 20 March with teams announced on Saturday 15 April

Training: to commence week of 17 April for Championships in late May.

Trials Format:  All players will be required to bring a white and black shirt and report to the Registration table half an hour before their trial time to register, receive their trial number and participate in a warm up.

Trials will assess ball and stick skills, and provide for game time to assess positioning and game knowledge

U13’s Report to the Registration table at 8.00am

Boys – Ground 1                                    8.30 – 10.00am

Girls – Ground 2                                     8.30 – 10.00am

U15’s Report to the Registration table at 10.00am

Boys - Ground 2 Southern end              10.30 - 12.00

Girls – Ground 2 Northern end              10.30 – 12.00

U17’s Report to the Registration table at 10.00am

Boys – Ground 1 Southern end             10.30 – 12.00

Girls – Ground 1 Northern end              10.30 – 12.00

If you have any questions or require further information please email or call Cayte on 02 60413417

 U17 Boys team
Coach Glen Erskine
  U17 Girls team
Coach Louise Birrell
Hudson Erskine
Zac Gregory
Oscar  Dean
Oscar Delmenico
Shaun Moore
Lincoln Morrison
Harrison North
Curtis Stephens
Logan Wilford
Noah Erdeljac
Oscar McMullen
Kauri Rouch
Imogen Albon
Caitlin Baine
Alexandra Birrell
Maddi Creamer
Cassandra Davis
Leah Wolter
Taryn Hamilton
Macey Sutherland*Inj
Emma  Hooppell
Sara Lumby
Indigo Rowe
Eryn Norie
Grace  Oswald

 U15 boys Team
Coach Clive Norie
  U15 girls team
Coach Dionne Hartley
Patrick Blain
Oscar Smart
Willy Hermiston
Eden Davis
Francis Duncan
Aaron Green
Corey Johnson
Brandon Kellam
Henry Langford
Branden Lowe
Liam McMullen
William Seymour
Caleb Therkildsen
Dion Wright
Train Ons

Harrison Trenery

Bonnie Baker
Simone Walker
Jolie Wheeler
Amber Evans
Laura Fellows
Summer Sutherland
Hayley Hart
Casey Hartley
Emma Pontt
Hayley Hutchinson
Emma Jory
Niamh Morrison

 U13 boys Teams
Coach - Darryl Lavis & Rob Hill
  U13 girls team
Coach Craig Pontt

Green Team (Pool A)


Entwistle, Alex

Fitzegerald, Liam

Heagney, Ryan


Hill, Liam

Kearney, Tasman

Lavis, Josh

Lavis, Jett

Newman, Tom

Norie, Luke

Morrison, Hamish

Morrison, Will

Gold Team (Pool B)

Coach - Ken Parkin

Albon, Seth




Gofton, Ryan

Gregory, Aaron

Kane, Aidan

Neil, Oliver

Semple, Ethan

Sylvester, Tommi

Vermolen, Connor


Seana Blain
Rosie Blain
Eliza  Gray
Lysje Boyd
Bella Heagney
Ellie Jarratt
Piper Lockley-Hinschen
Audrey Nakagawa
Lillian Eggleton
Sharakena o'Halloran
Tess Palubiski
Rylee Pontt
Lily Robertson
Ella Therkildsen
Train on  
Faith  Wolter
Emily Tidd-GK
Evie Nelson
Emily Busch